I didn’t quit Diet Coke… Diet Coke quit me….

May 20, 2009

I have been drinking Diet Coke since about 1984 religiously.  Really I have been drinking Diet Coke most of my life and now at 35 I have made my 100th attempt to quit. This time I will do it, I hope. dc

I miss the crisp refreshing crack of the hard cold wet aluminum. I miss the feeling of the tiny bubbles tickling my upper lip as I breath in and took that first big sip. The thought of the habitual comfort I got from walking into work and starting my shift with a small bottle of DC, it almost makes me weep. It is a sad day and it is starting to piss me off, why, oh why must I quit my DC……. What will I drink now what is satisfy that thirst? Let’s be honest, nothing I do will give me that satisfaction. It is done for the world will never be the same… But on a side note, maybe I’ll get past it, maybe there will be a time when it means nothing to me.  Nahh, I will miss it and I will get over it but I will never forget it…..

Here is where I leave you, my sweet Diet Coke I will remember every time I here this song….