China Creek Skate Park….

May 15, 2009

The skate park that won’t quit.

china creek China Creek is the oldest skate park in Vancouver and one of my fav’s.  It smells like piss, shit and barf and often there is a bum sleeping on the benches. In the morning there is rarely  anyone around and you can spend a few hours alone skating the cracked and beaten concrete. An eye sore that was once in jeopardy of being ripped down.  It now boast a sort of historical statues and is the first retried skate park in Vancouver,  due largely in part to the hard working people of the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition.( good job boys and girls).

Memories of a time before cell phones and other distractions, skating the park in the early morning gives me a sense of calm in this ever growing violent skate community.

The Jaks still hold there annual skateboard comp at China Creek in Sept and it is always fun watching the oldies drink too much, skate and talk about old times.