I will eat the burger of burgers…

May 22, 2009

 I love cheese burgers, I always have and I always will, they are inspirational to me and I find them to be the perfect food for all occasions. They give me a sense of comfort and joy. Plus the meat and cheese tastes so good and fills my heart with love…. 


 My new thing now is the two pound burger that the 2 Parrots serves in downtown Vancouver. At the Two Parrots you get one hell of a monster burger. This mountain of meat makes my knees quake and the fluffy bun scares me. OOOHHH cheese, cheese I love the cheese…. They say that if you eat it all you get it for free, but I ain’t seen that before, pardon the “ain’t” but I felt like talking like a hick, just add an accent when you read it.

Anyway I really would like to tackle this burger but I know my wife will never go for it, she wants me to live and death by burger isn’t covered under our medical insurance policy. Or is it, I must look into that.